Urban Warfare Training Facade

Excellent for MOUT and Homeland Security Live‑Fire Exercises

These urban facades are perfect for MOUT, SWAT and additional live-fire training exercises. The units are economical, support a wide array of target activating devices and are custom made to meet your specific urban warfare training requirements.

Urban Warfare Training Facade
  •   Supports a Variety of Target Devices (TLD/HFT)
  •   Unlimited Configurations and Applications
  •   Used as Transportable or Stationary Units
  •   Heavy-Duty Tubular Steel Base and Support Structure


The Urban Warfare Training Facade can be used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with additional structures to provide maximum realism and flexibility within urban training environments.

Live Fire Exercises with Urban Warfare Training Facade

Detachable Heavy-Duty Tubular Steel Base and Frame

Constructed from heavy-gauge, tubular steel, the units provide many years of structural durability. The facades are configured as modular units and can be quickly assembled or disassembled on location as well as allowing transportation on standard flatbed trailers. In addition, all fascia components are surface mounted and may be easily modified or replaced.